Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Wheel E Clean has been servicing domestic and commercial wheelie bins for many years.

We take care of all of our customers, large and small, from standard home wheelie bins to large multiple waste bin facilities.

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Wheelie Bin Cleaning

No matter what size your wheelie bin is or how much rubbish you produce, contact Wheel E Clean today to protect your health, improve the appearance and odours of your property, and gain peace of mind for an incredibly low monthly fee.

Would you be alarmed if there were maggots, rats, flies, wasps, or other assorted nasty vermin and germs all congregating right outside your Harpenden home? Or how about around your place of business?

If you’re not regularly washing your wheelie bin now, or perhaps if you are but you’re tired of the chore and want to turn it over to a professional, contact Wheel E Clean now for an estimate on a regular cleaning plan.

Customer Feedback

We’ve been using Wheel E Clean for our bins for over 5 years and can not fault their service. We never have any issues with our bins being dirty. 10 out of 10 from us!
Rick – Luton

Head Office

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You might not realise it, but all these pests and more could be gathering up right now in your rubbish wheelie bin.

Some people used to scoff at the notion of washing out a rubbish bin, but not any longer. Modern science continues to discover and reveal to us what horrors lie just beneath the surface of our waste. Wheel E Clean has developed guaranteed methods using only environmentally friendly products to remove all the germs, fungi, and viruses that are lurking in your wheelie bin.

Some of the commercial business that are already benefiting from Wheel E Clean services are:

  • Pubs, Restaurants
  • Hotels, Guesthouses, Flats, and Apartment Buildings
  • Schools and Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing and Retirement Homes